Photo's of Amy at Amy's Magazine Photoshoot

Amy’s Magazine Photoshoot

I was completely knocked back at Amy’s confidence in this photoshoot, no need for a warmup she was on fire from the start! With some easy direction for how to pose Amy was rocking it with some great expressions and I could easily see her photos on the front of a magazine.

What Amy wore to the shoot was great, bold colours look great on camera and bringing something that you wouldn’t normally wear not only makes for great photos but great fun too!

I asked her some questions about the shoot:

What was it like having your makeup done and did you like how it turned out?

I love being a little bit pampered as I don’t really get the chance that often these days. The makeup artist was really friendly and she gave me some great product recommendations. As I told her to experiment a bit it was different from my normal everyday makeup which made me feel very put together and confident and ready to start posing!

How was having a photoshoot with Tim?

Great! Tim was very professional and made me feel like I was doing a good job with his kind comments. I felt like I relaxed very quickly and grew in confidence during the shoot. By the end I was having a good laugh. He gave clear direction and I loved that he explained what he was envisioning with the lightening etc. Made me feel very involved.

How did you feel just before coming to view your photos?

I was feeling excited, a little nervous to see how they turned out but overall I was looking forward to having a laugh with my girls.

Did you like your photos?

Yes I really did. I had a few favourites but was really pleased with them all. My husband really liked them too.

What did you like most about them?

Im not used to seeing myself like that. Most of the time I’m in my comfy clothes with my hair in a bun on my head. After feeling body conscious growing up and then have my body changing after having a baby they really gave me the boost that I need and made me think I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.

Finally if you were going to recommend Tim to a friend in one or two sentences what would you say?

Tim is such a genuinely nice guy, you can just tell he loves what he does and his passion for photography oozes out of him.


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