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Trade exhibitions and conferences are being used by Brands and Companies as the ideal venues for offering event HEADSHOT photos. It allows businesses with a large, geographically dispersed workforce to obtain beautiful and uniform headshots, offering conference planners or sponsors tremendous value to attendees whilst generating leads.


  • All attendees’ get on-site viewing and selection
  • Instant text or email delivery
  • Company or Event Branding on images that could include sponsorship messaging
  • Data Collection and Lead Generation
  • Uniform headshots for any sized group of individuals

Our staff can assist you whether you require team headshots for an annual meeting or you’re trying to generate leads during an event by providing guests with incredible value.

Conference Headshots
Company Branded Headshots
Branded Headshots


Pricing for Conferences, events and high-volume headshots is by half day/full day. Half-day is up to four consecutive hours, full day is up to eight consecutive hours with one 45 minute break for a meal. Each headshot station is able to photograph as many as twenty people per hour. All headshot packages include basic lead collection and white-label branding to feature brand, company or sponsor logo.


How many attendees at an event can you get headshots for?

Every hour, an average of 20 people can use each headshot station. This can occasionally be faster or slower depending on a variety of factors. If the headshot booth is in a well-traveled, highly visible location, it will typically see more traffic. The headshot station is almost always the busiest activity at any conference. Offering free photographs at a conference is only less popular than a free bar. Under ideal conditions, a single station can serve 200-300 people for the duration of a single day.

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Retouched Headshot

Do you need to retouch event photos?

It depends on how the photographs are used. We don’t recommend it for a headshot station designed to add value to the event experience. We can optionally use expert hair and make-up touch-ups, as well as flattering lighting and posing techniques, to ensure that the photos look great right out of the camera. If the photographs are to be used for anything other than LinkedIn or profile photos, we recommend including retouching to ensure that everyone looks their best.

How are the images delivered?

You have options for how the images are delivered. We organise all of the images by naming the files after the person in the headshot, followed by the date and time they were photographed to avoid duplicate names and match them to their email addresss. For example Smith John 2023-01-31 09-30-55.jpg. This makes getting the right images to the right people much easier later on. We can offer an online gallery with or without a password, secure file transfer, or individual delivery via email once the files have been organised.

headshot online gallery
Event conference photography

Do you also offer event photography?

Absolutely! You can either have a dedicated event photographer or allocate some downtime for the headshot station to do event photos instead.

Do attendees have to wait in line for headshots, or can they make an appointment?

Both! We can run a headshot station on a first-come, first-served basis and also offer advanced scheduling for executives or VIPs. We recommend a combination of the two. This way, your team members can update their headshots without having to wait in line, and other attendees can benefit from the experience. We can collaborate with your team to design an experience that combines the best of both worlds.

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