We had great fun with Amy’s photo shoot, she relaxed very quickly and I had to keep up with her!

In her own words:

“Tim was very professional and made me feel like I was doing a good job with his kind comments. I felt like I relaxed very quickly and grew in confidence during the shoot. By the end, I was having a good laugh. He gave clear direction and I loved that he explained what he was envisioning with the lighting etc. Made me feel very involved.

[After seeing the photos] I’m not used to seeing myself like that. Most of the time I’m in my comfy clothes with my hair in a bun on my head. After feeling body conscious growing up and then have my body changing after having a baby they really gave me the boost that I need and made me think I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.

Tim is such a genuinely nice guy, you can just tell he loves what he does and his passion for photography oozes out of him”

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